One three-month subscription to FMTV included for all new participants!

Think of it as Netflix for healthy living!
Let's face it. Today's culture has some pretty messed up beliefs about food, lifestyle and our environment. We are in urgent need of re-education.

We need to learn or re-learn:
  • Where our food comes from;
  • How to prepare nutritious food quickly and easily, taught by chefs and health professionals;
  • How our choices impact the environment;
  • How to grow our own food;
  • What the challenges are for farmers who are working to provide food ethically;
  • What is going on with school lunches; and
  • What is being put in our food.
  • How marketing is used to push unhealthy food and lifestyle to profit a few.

And we need to laugh and be inspired! FMTV is chock-full of movies that provide hope and show what's working with:

  • School and community gardens;
  • A new awakening of consciousness; and
  • Stories of overcoming chronic disease and obesity through healthy eating; and
  • Examples of environmental degradation and successful community engagement and improvement.

How will FMTV be used in coaching programs?

Each new participant in a 3-month or 6-month program will receive a 3-month subscription to FMTV. You can use the subscription freely to watch anything you want. In addition though, as we cover a specific topic, you'll be able to delve more deeply by watching one or more recommended films. This could be a three-minute film on how to make a green smoothie or a 90-minute film on factory farming. You decide what you want to learn about and watch as much or as little as you like!