Tuning In to Inner Peace: The Surprisingly Fun Way to Transform Your Life


Table of Contents


1 Why Inner Peace?

2 Inner Peace is Outwardly Obvious

3 Where to Look

4 Anger Has No Value

5 No Waiting

6 Letting Go of Chaos

7 Guilt: Self-Deprecating Laziness

8 Donít Worry About Me

9 Perfectionism: The Party Pooper You Can Stop Inviting

10 Addiction: Tenaciously Lying to Yourself

11 Thinking Is Limited

12 Meet Your Parasympathetic System

13 Get Yourself Some New Friends

14 Take No Offense

15 Lose Your Labels

16 Slap on the gratitude

17 Immerse Yourself in Nature

18 Express Yourself Creatively

19 Meditation: A Powerful Change Agent

20 Live Lightly, Live Deeply

21 Practice, Practice, Practice

22 Small Words that make a Big Difference

23 A Powerful Alternative to Complaining

24 Saving the World with Hello

25 The Illusion of Hurt

26 Being, then Doing, and Having

27 Beauty is Inner Peace

28 We are Infinite, Connected and Have Big Paws

29 Choose Inner Peace and Fun!

Appendix: Inspirational Teachers

Note from the Author

Inner Peace and Fun? Yes!

If you worry about the past or the future, you are missing out on the very joy of living! Most of us rush through life, ignoring our inner turmoil. But with a slight, deliberate shift of focus, you can break free of decades-old problems.

Through 29 bite-size lessons, you'll learn how to quickly end your internal battles. Understand how your thoughts and words hold you back. Learn simple techniques with exercises that will make you a more powerful, peaceful, and joyful force in the world.

Tune in and experience the surprisingly fun way to transform your life!

Joan Gregerson writes with humor and passion, sharing insights from her life and travels around the world.

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Customer Reviews


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I loved this book. I had planned to read just a few pages and found myself unable to put it down. Get this book today and start to rethink your life! The author's simple message is wonderfully clear and engaging.

- Sue W (September 2012)


The author synthesizes good advice from around the world and simplifies it so that even the least "peaceful" can take away surprisingly overlooked bits of wisdom. For me, the real eyeopener was the section on anger. Thanks for this book, it is wonderful!

- Eric (December 2012)


Tuning in to Inner Peace has helped me change my perspective and calm my nerves. The first chapter is about inner peace and how outwardly obvious it is to others. It's reflected in your mood and how you relate. This seems obvious to me now that I've read the book but it didn't dawn on me that any inner conflict I have is so outwardly noticeable. Now that I recognize this i have empathy and more understanding of where the crazy angry person next to me is coming from and how to deal with it. I also am more aware of my own "inner peace", or lack thereof, and how it effects others. This is just one of the things I learned in the first 10 pages. I cant wait to read the entire book. I imagine it will become a reference for me that I can reach for in moments of stress or when I need some inspiration. I highly recommend this book!

- Kara (October 2012)


This was a very beautiful and wise little book! It contains 29 short but profound topic discussions and is written in an accessible, light hearted way. The author drives home the point that little changes in perception and thinking can have a huge impact on our lives. I want to take the time to go back through the book slowly and work on the exercises that go along with each lesson. My first inclination was to say that "I need to" do this but as I learned in the book using "I want" instills a more positive feeling. I have been practicing that lesson this week. For example I have been deciding what "I choose" to do today, instead of thinking about what "I need" to do.

I love that this book was written from the perspective of someone who lived a fairly typical Western lifestyle up to a point then made changes based on her own experiences and growth. I am excited to expand my reading list to include some of the unknown-to-me authors that she recommends, and I am very excited to see her recommendation for Thich Nhat Hanh. This was a lovely little book that I will recommend that my friends and family read.

- Lois (April 2013)


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