With Open Arms Poetry Book

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Why poetry? Laughter, Love and Healing!

This little book of poetry is bursting with inspiration for Big Love and humorous compassion for Real Life.  


The 66-page collection is designed to delight you and inspire you with poems about love, happiness, change, recovery and letting go.  The poems are spiced with insights and imagery from Joan's travels in Ghana, South Korea and beyond. The book also includes an engaging 15-page commentary section with insights about the poems by the poet,


The 39 poems grab your heart with the Big Love of "One Love", "Perfect Love", "Nowhere to Go", and "Open Arms".  Many poems are about the challenges we face in real life, how to accept them and recover and thrive.  


Joan's father is a gentle force in poems throughout the book, including "Dark Alleys Don't Scare Me" and "Thank you, Goodbye".


Laugh and cry. Come for the ride. Tearjerkers and silliness mingle in this accessible, enjoyable poetry collection.


"Poetry is a magical,  yet effective, way to understand ourselves. shed some tears, then laugh at ourselves, and, finally, free ourselves! I am a humble servant of some I-don't-know-what Healing Power which begs and nags me to write poetry. And I happily submit! I hope these poems brighten your day or free you in some way! I offer my poems and all my love, with open arms!

- Joan Gregerson

Customer Reviews

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Joan has a very down to earth way of writing. I enjoyed her book a lot! I laughed, I cried and laughed some more. I love the tidbits of wisdom in her poetry as well. I ve enjoyed her poetry/writing so much I also follow her blog. Great book! So good that even as a busy mom I read it in one sitting. Enjoy!
- Lisa (July 2013)



I especially liked the poems about the author's father. My dad is also deceased and I appreciate the spirit of remembering those "little things" to connect with who he was as a person instead of focusing on his passing. Great book of poetry!

- Lois (July 2013)


"We are immense, pretending to be small" is a line from Gregerson's first poem in this book. That grabbed my heart and I could not put this little gem down. I have happily left it out to read again and again! Thank you Ms Gregerson.

- Carol (June 2013)


"With Open Arms" is only 68 pages long, but every page is a blessing. The poems are about real life issues that we can all relate to - love, happiness, change, recovery, and letting go. There is even a section in the book where Joan gives her thoughts about each poem. These poems are very personal, so I applaud her for having the courage to share her innermost thoughts. I have no doubt that many people will benefit from reading them. There are several poems in this book that really resonate with me, but I think my favorite is "New Day". It's such a simple poem, but with such a powerful message. I want to recite it each time I wake to face a new day!
- Tish (June 2013)

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