April 4, 2016

I know I said Yes
And I meant it
But then I realized, No
That promise
I quickly bent it
I stuttered
I muttered
Then I came clean
I had misspoken
That promise
It’s broken
Still I feel better now
The changing
The rearranging
I feel better now
Even so
I start to choke up
That promise
I’m sorry
I broke it
But I do feel much better now
About the poem:
I used to say things and get myself in a bind. Then I’d resent everyone else for the situation. Not exactly fair, but I was an expert at it. These days, I’m quicker to call back and say, No, I know I just said that, but I was wrong. Then I can adjust. Except for the momentary embarrassment, the end result is much better. It’s me being kinder to myself and everyone involved.
About Joan:
Poet, Wellness Coach, Eco-Nut
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