December 5, 2011

Big Family Shopping

Some of our students (age 20 or so) are already married and others are planning their weddings. I can’t say much, as I myself was married at age 21.

The difference might be that these girls are likely to be moms of large families, more like the families of your parents’ days, than of your childrens’.

When they talk about family size, some say six kids would be perfect. Others say, no, I want a small family. Four kids is enough.

We see these young women in the grocery store with carts piled high with food. Their husbands are often with them, as the women can’t drive themselves so need  male relative, driver or taxi to get everything home.

So, doing the shopping alone is a big task for these women, many of them quite young. But, at home, they tell us, many have a servant that prepares the meals.

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