Joanna Macy and The Great Turning

Most of us realize that humankind is in a serious situation. We are destroying the systems that support us. And with the immensity of the challenges that we face, it’s tempting to look away.

In the documentary film The Great Turning, author, teacher and activist Joanna Macy lays out her understanding for a new revolution. Following the agricultural and industrial revolutions, Macy describes a revolution that is already underway.

If you want to make changes in your community, but feel the crushing burden of just how grim things truly are, I highly recommend this movie. In just 27 minutes, Joanna Macy will inspire you to let your heart break wide open, then roll up your sleeves and get to work. Join the revolution to put your creativity and tenacity to work to help create a more life-sustaining world. Viva la Revolution!


“We need each other in ways we’ve never needed each other before. In the past there was the tacit assumption that life would go on. That’s been lost now.”

“My way of dealing with the overwhelm is to look it straight in the eye and say, there you are again. We are suffering with our world.”

Don’t be afraid of your heart breaking open. The heart that breaks open can hold the whole universe.”

“I want so much to feel sure. I want to be able to tell people, Don’t worry. It’s going to turn out okay.”

“But would that elicit from us our greatest creativity and courage? No. It’s that knife-edge of uncertainty where we come alive to our truest power.”

“So, we do ourselves the favor. We live with sufficient realism and dignity to know. We don’t know how it’s going to turn out.”

“There never has been guarantee for human life. It’s like an exquisite wind and fire of uncertainty. That’s the nature of life. That’s where we come alive.”

“As people acting in defense of life wake up to the grandeur of who they really are and find sources of strength, synergies, grace beyond what they could have expected…that’s the Great Turning.”

Tuning In to Inner Peace: The Surprisingly Fun Way to Transform Your Life

By Joan Gregerson (2012)


If you agonize about the past or the future, you are missing the very joy of living. Most of us rush through life, ignoring our inner turmoil. But with a slight, deliberate shift of focus, you can break free of decades-old problems.


Through these 29 bite-size lessons, you’ll learn how to quickly end your internal battles.


Understand how your thoughts and words hold you back. Learn simple techniques with exercises that will make you a more powerful, peaceful, and joyful force in the world.


Pick up this wise and beautiful little book. TUNE IN and experience the surprisingly fun way to transform your life!


Joan Gregerson writes with humor and passion, sharing insights from her life and travels around the world.





What Readers Are Saying

READ THIS BOOK to see how Joan’s travels to over 22 countries have taught her how to enjoy the day and how to have faith that all shall be well. We learn that conquering self-doubt and knowing we have the inner power to create what is joyful and good for us is the real key to success. It is never the outside world that corrupts your dreams and goals.

Joan shows us how to loosen the attachment to the drama around you and turn inward.

Thoughtful and well done!

Sheryl Click

Author of Healing from Within

The author synthesizes good advice from around the world and simplifies it so that even the least “peaceful” can take away surprisingly overlooked bits of wisdom. For me, the real eyeopener was the section on anger. Thanks for this book. It is wonderful!

Eric M

Amazon Reader

This was a very beautiful and wise little book! It contains 29 short but profound topic discussions and is written in an accessible, light hearted way.

I love that this book was written from the perspective of someone who lived a fairly typical Western lifestyle up to a point then made changes based on her own experiences and growth.

I am excited to expand my reading list to include some of the unknown-to-me authors that she recommends, and I am very excited to see her recommendation for Thich Nhat Hanh.

This was a lovely little book that I will recommend that my friends and family read.


Tuning into Inner Peace has helped me change my perspective and calm my nerves. The first chapter is about inner peace and how outwardly obvious it is to others. It’s reflected in your mood and how you relate. This seems obvious to me now that i’ve read the book but it didnt dawn on me that any inner conflict I have is so outwardly noticeable.

Now that I recognize this, I have empathy and more understanding of where the crazy angry person next to me is coming from and how to deal with it. I also am more aware of my own “inner peace”, or lack thereof, and how it effects others. This is just one of the things I learned in the first 10 pages.

I highly recommend this book!

Kara W

Amazon Reader

Poem: Being My Mom NaPoWriMo #27

I never thought I’d say
I am my mom
Especially when my job
Up until now
Was not being my mom
What a surprise to find
That being half my mom
From the beginning of this round
There’s no getting around
Being my mom
As I search for more
As I explore
Can I choose to be my mom some
And my dad some
And not be my mom some
And not be my dad some
Ah who am I trying to kid
I am both of their kid
I’m their ego and id
This first Mother’s Day without the guilt
No card this year mom
I’ll scoop up the good
And let the other slip away
Drip through my fingers
It’s Mother’s Day
This year I’m okay
Being my mom
But after that
I’ll probably go back
To trying not being my mom
It may not work
But it’s a habit
Maybe I learned it
From my mom
About the poem:
Damn, this is a hard one for us Westerners, with our whole ‘individual identity’ thing going on. In Ghana, my friend taught me, “I am because we are.” In Korea, I think you are if your elders say so. 🙂
I was very moved by Thich Nhat Hahn’s story of a young man who said he would have nothing to do with his father. Thay laughed and said, Ha, you are your father. And your mother.
Accepting a closer connection, a reincarnation of sorts right here, makes it easier to stop the fighting. My finger cannot separate from my hand. I cannot separate from my parents.

Poem: Rolling in the grass #NaPoWriMo 24

Flinging open the patio door
A flash of fur
Asleep no more
Head and back and ears and taily
Arms and legs and nose and belly
Every part must get a rub
The lawn is better than a tub
After napping all morning
And sitting on my ass
I shake off being lonely
By rolling in the grass
Kick and squirm, arch and wriggle
Others watching may start to giggle
Your derision is unfounded
Every part of me is grounded
Instead of meditating on your ass
You could be like me
Rolling in the grass
About the poem:
My dog sittee was phenomenal at doing a minute-long roll in the grass when I let him out! I love teaching the technique of lying on the grass to get instantly grounded, when anxiety strikes. Who knew, ZingZing is a master!

Poem: Our Earth Day aka Protecting the EPA #NaPoWriMo 23

Bicycle-powered tunes
Bubbles and balloons
Strollers and babies
Neighbors and newbies
Homeless and recovering
Lovely people lovering
LED lights
Vegan bites
Bees and butterflies
On cheeks and hands
Native flowers and
Dandelion lands
Climate action
Seed starting
Sensory gardening
Kite making tables
Composting bagels
Boxes for bees
Cards for refugees
Cloth and bags
Jewels and soap
Hand-made wonders
Full of hope
Biodiversity enriches wildlife
Diversity is my rich life
I speak for the trees
And the trees speak to me
Uniting the neighbors and the nations
Protecting the EPA
This and more
Was our Earth Day
Seeds were planted
In many a heart
Every oak tree
Comes from such
A tiny start
And every forest
Is made of lots of trees
From people like us
And days like these
About the poem:
As volunteer coordinator for the Congress Park Earth Day Festival, I was over the top happy to see 300-400 people loving Mother Earth, if only for a day. I know it’s a start.