Pacify Her

baby crier what will satisfy her mama’s breast daddy’s chest fresh diaper fresh air pat, jiggle, burp walk, cuddle, crib to pacify her sometimes the only thing that works is the pacifier


I can’t see what I’m breathing in I don’t notice the beliefs I’m seething in I can’t see the box I’m thinking in Can’t feel the sand I’m sinking in

Poem: What If

What if A tree could grow From a single seed Without our hands on shovel or pulling the weeds What if An ocean wave could crash And rise up again Without us filling buckets or pushing them What if A drop of water could go From sky to mountain to sea Without a ladder or …

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Poem: Juisssss

Juice juice juisssss Juice juice juisssss Freshhh celery juice Lemon ginger juice Apple kale juice Fresh celery lemon ginger apple kale juice juice juice Juice juice juisssss Fresh kale apple ginger lemon celery juice Look at all that juice juice juisssss Smell that fresh juice juice juisssss Taste that juicy juice juice juisssss Fresh celery …

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Poem: Sprinkle on the Top

A grey day With grey thoughts Comes to a sudden stop The world softens As snowflakes fall A blanket of white From out of the blue Festive decorations Delivered with a flair Out of thin air Life With a sprinkle on the top

Poem: Rhymes with COVID

Where is the rhyme To lighten our time? Bison, antelope, and cattle Cloven-hoofed, hollow-horned ruminants The Roman romancer Of Metamorphoses Penned elegant elegiac verses The science fair rocket Too optimistic A slide rule When you need a calculator One quart would do But you drank two A tube on the river Went by you just …

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