Over 30? Too old?

Wow, kinda surprising. The recruiters for positions have told me that of the dozens of positions, only a few companies consider someone over 40 years old. And several companies draw the line at 30 years old. Oh wow, in the US this would be age discrimination. In Korea, it’s normal.

Finding a job teaching English

If you’re thinking of teaching English abroad, you can learn most of what you need to know by visiting a couple websites: Dave’s ESL Cafe   www.eslcafe.org ESL Employment  www.eslemployment.com By visiting these websites, you’ll quickly learn what types of positions you’re qualified for. Roughly: Latin America, Africa, Indonesia, Eastern Europe – university degree required. Expect pay …

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Mama Africa

Granted, I don’t look like your typical One-Love Rasta I’m about as white as they come… I am of ISH descent Irish, Danish, Swedish And nerdy… Engineer I’m not cool…my graying hair pulled back with bobby pins and rubber bands But when I went to Ghana For the first time, I felt home Home, like …

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