Poem: We Must Not Turn Away NaPoWriMo #19

When we don’t talk about species dying off,
It’s an elephant in the room
When we ignore air pollution,
It’s a haze of confusion
When we laugh and joke over a glass of wine
But never discuss the honeybees’ decline
It’s a line too fine
We need the wisdom of the owl
To stop fouling our nest
We need the ingenuity
Of Ananse
To unravel life’s mysteries
We need the kindness
Of the porpoise
To make peace in the world
We need the strength of rhinos
To avoid the fate of the dinos
When we hear the cries
We must not turn away
About the Poem:
I have a problem with new age positivity people who preach optimism, and I am often one of them.
But really people, we need to wake the fuck up, acknowledge the damage being done and come up with some massively different approaches. That’s going to take communication skills, science, compassion and urgent action. None of these are actually seen as polite in most conversations. And that’s a shame. We need to figure out how to talk about this stuff and get on with retooling our approach to the world.
An interesting, short article about apocalyptic anxiety
Will Humans Survive the Sixth Great Extinction

Poem: Grouse Goneby

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0M8pZnNlnI]
Where once a greater sage grouse grew
Now a gaggle grow
Why would a gander wander
With a group of goslings in tow
About the poem:
This weekend in the mountains in Foxton, I saw something I’ve never seen in over 40 years of visiting. Geese in the field. We usually geese in the city parks, not in the mountains. Never before.
Climate change, my brother and I agreed.
I only remember seeing the sage grouse up and close once. It was a magnificent display.
In researching the Greater Sage Grouse, a footnote on the Sage Grouse Initiative website says:

Conservation: Numbers are declining largely due to habitat loss

Meanwhile the population of the Canada Goose population has nearly doubled since 2007
Like the rest of Colorado’s population. Canada Goose population is booming.
Colorado’s human population is expected to double by 2050, but we don’t have the water to support them. The human population in Colorado hasn’t increased as much as the geese’ since 2006 but it’s still pretty incredible.
It’s outrageous to me that we are dropping humongobombs on other countries and not dealing with basic issues right in front of us. These are complicated problems that we could solve if we worked on communication skills, science and community building.
Unfortunately, there seems to be little of that going around these days.
The showmanship like that of the sage grouse though, yeah, that’s alive and well.

Poem: Limbnastics NaPoWriMo #17 Haiku

tree climbing kid-1737737_1920
forest gymnastics
searching, stretching, balancing
playground limbnastics
About the poem:
I was with friends yesterday in the park. The boys climbed the tree and I was thrown back into the many incredible memories of being in trees. The apple tree in our backyard that we’d climb up in and eat our PBJ sandwiches. The orchard of crab apple trees that were low enough for even little kids to crawl into. The trees in Costa Rica that we swung from the vines in the rainforest. What playful friends the trees are.

Poem: Still Loneliness NaPoWriMo #16

Loneliness is a crying newborn
Wanting only to be picked up
And held
Still loneliness
About the poem:
I love Thich Nhat Hahn’s advice to notice an uncomfortable emotion, then go to it like a mother to a crying baby. Pick it up and embrace it. That alone may allow feeling better. Later, there may be some fixing but not now. Just pick the baby up and hold her close.
About the poet:
Joan Gregerson is addicted to writing poetry and to making green juice. Learn about these and her other obsession on her website at www.PositiveEnergyWorks.com
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