Poem: Skinship

The soles of your chubby feet fit in one hand My flat palm can cover your whole frog belly Your face mushes up to And matches up with My cheek My heart skips a beat Skinship

Poem: Being Human

So much loss, but have I really lost anything? So much success, but what did I really win? The ups The downs Is this the essence of Or is this a distraction from Being human?

Poem: Stripes

What happened? Did your mask slip? Now your stripes And the road stripes Are all mixed Blood spill Roadkill I whizzed on by I didn’t stop then But it’s not forgotten I said a small prayer I frowned a small frown Raccoon down

Poem: Oh frogs, where do you go?

It has been fun to be able to give photos with handwritten poems on the back as going away gifts, as I’m saying my goodbyes here in Korea. It’s been a nice way, too, to remember the many beautiful moments I’ve had here. Such as listening to the frog chorus… gae-gool-i-gae-gool-i-gae-gool-i! https://positiveenergyworks.wordpress.com/2013/06/02/poem-oh-frogs-where-do-you-go/