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Poem: Brother is Better

‘Beautiful lover’ Let it go ‘Father’, ‘Mother’ No, no, no Simply, ‘Friend’? But when we disappoint each other When you can’t count on me What then? Sister-Brother Is better Brother-Sister Is forever .. About this poem: Many, many times, I end up with brother-sister as the best option for our roles for close relationships. Maybe […]

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Poem: Formerly Suspicious of Love

All that time you were suspicious of my love You finally admitted it! You thought from one hug You’d get a communicable disease By taking one bite You’d be over your calories By spending an hour You’d be charged hidden fees You thought that by sharing a secret You’d implode That by sitting next to […]

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Poem: My Love is the Yaksuteo …a Haiku

Why a sippy cup? My love is the yaksuteo Don’t be shy, drink up! .. About the poem: In Korea, many hiking trails have a mountain spring. In Korean, the name of the spring place is yaksuteo. (Pronounced yahk-sue-tuh, nearly rhyming with up) In busy Asian culture, spending time with friends is often considered a […]

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