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Poem: Love is the Subject

English Science Calculus Class Just An excuse. Love is the subject — About the poem: I know now that teaching is just an excuse to hang out with cool people. It’s a precious opportunity to love them and be loved. Realizing that love is a teacher’s top priority makes things richer, clearer. It’s similar to how […]

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Poem: Supposes …invented yoga poses! Fanciful ideas from my Korean students

The seal, the seagull The chick, the turtle The monkey, the hamster The keyhole, the vampire The apple, the  screwdriver The car, the middle finger The bear, the ruler The battleship cruiser The umbrella, the scissors The fox and praying mantis The quarter note of music The hydra and the mushroom The hula hoop, the jellyfish […]

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“I like being prepared” …a chaos buster!

Last year, I was in a meeting where one member recounted how another was such a good person to work with. He said it was because she was always so prepared, and she chimed in, “I like being prepared.” The speaker said he began using that motto, not only in his work, but in his […]

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