The day before I was scheduled to do an audio recording of my book, my voice was hoarse. I woke up with a cold earlier in the week and kept hoping I’d be healed in time to record.

I didn’t want to cancel, so I contacted friends and asked them to send healing vibes, angels or whatever juju they had access to. I got some great encouraging emails, with a few votes for a husky, sexy voice as a perfectly acceptable, possibly even better, option for recording day.

That morning, I sat in a coffee shop practicing reading aloud softly, getting ready. When I was ready to leave, I dropped my dishes off at the counter. I began chatting with the server, one of the few English speakers I’ve met in town. ¬†As we exchanged names, I showed him my name on my book and we talked some more. I told him about the appointment I had to record my book the next day, and mentioned my hoarse voice.

He said, I know just what you need. He scooped up a heap of chrysanthemum buds, and gave me instructions on how to prepare it: use all of it, add boiling water, and steep for 30 minutes.

I did. And with all the encouragement I received, maybe a few angels, and a cup of tea, I was able to do the recording. An important step was not worrying if my voice sounded normal or not, who cares!

I learned that healing can come through the atmosphere, the internet, or a cup of tea, but it relies on me being humble and open enough to ask for help. And is completed by the compassion of others. And for that lovely partnership, I am thankful!





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