Facebook Posts 2013-09-07

In an effort to share what Facebook does and doesn’t do to help you in your quest to spread your professional message, I thought I’d pause today and give you some data.

First, note that in WordPress, if someone follows my blog, they receive notice of every post in the Reader, or if they subscribe, they receive every post by email. That seems logical.

On professional pages with Facebook, it’s different. Very different.

My professional page: Facebook.com/JoanGregerson has 114 Likes. That is, 114 people LIKED my page, presumably because they want to see what I post there. But a snapshot from my Admin page, shows that even though 114 people LIKED it, an average about 15 people see my posts.

Unless I pay. Last week, for the first time, I promoted one post for $20. That post reached 4,004 people and yielded three new LIKES.

I guess my point is, that people think that a professional page is free marketing on Facebook. But in other aspects Facebook is likely sharing too much, but I say that in this case, Facebook shares too little. It somehow decides which posts to share with 10-20% of those that have already LIKED my page.  But when I gave Facebook 20 bucks, Facebook found 4,000 people to share it with.

A professional Facebook page is free, but, perhaps, in this case, you get what you pay for. You have no idea what posts who is getting. (Yes, I know you can ask people to set their interests, to get more of your posts. Silly.)

Why does this remind me of getting those free samples at the grocery store. As you’re chewing on this free thing that you popped into your mouth, you wonder, wait, was that such a good idea?

Facebook? I’m undecided.

Finally, thank you to my WordPress blog followers and subscribers. It’s nice to know what you’re getting, then you can make the decision what you want to read.

Thank you!

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