I have to admit, my ego often gets the best of me. I usually think “I’m all that!” (Just ask anyone close to me and they’ll concur.)  So, when you’re a card-carrying egotist, it’s hard to accept when “I’m NOT all that”, and what initially seems worse, that I need help.

Here’s what I mean…

Over a year ago, my sister and other encouragers started sending me emails about the Hay House Writer’s Workshop. “You should do this!” “This is a perfect fit for your book!”

Like most people, I like to argue with good advice. But, since I’ve said, “I want to grow up to be Louise Hay,” and I’ve been writing a book that actually would be a perfect fit, I was intrigued.

But, when I was reading those emails, I was in South Korea and later, in Saudi Arabia. The workshops were in San Diego or New York.

So, it was just a couple weeks ago that I remembered about the workshop, as I was imagining myself as the next version of my hero: sweet, inspiring, lovely Louise Hay. I checked the 2012 Hay House Writer’s Workshop schedule and saw that the next workshop was in Denver on April 28-29. Hey, I’ll be in Denver those days too, because I live here (for now)!

Slight problem. I’m cash and credit poor at the moment. Hmmm. After mulling it about for a couple days, I realized, I have two choices:

1 – Give up. This is the results of this thinking, “I can do it later.” “I don’t need anyone’s help.” “Now’s not the right time.”

– OR –

2 – Ask for help.

Argggghhh, how I resist asking for help. I loved being that person that had her financial sh!t together, who could help others. I bristle at being the one that has to ask for help.

So I bought lottery tickets for a few days, but no luck! After a few days, I threw up my hands and asked God/universe, “Really?” Okay, I’ll do it.

So, I asked for help. I decided if I could get 11 $50 sponsors, I could do it. I called on friends and family, and invited them to join the “Inner Peace Circle”. Well that was a week ago, and I already have 8 sponsors and am confident that 3 more will turn up.

I agree with how Byron Katie says it, that anything that we think, “I could never bear that”, is probably something we should just do. And that’s how it feels. I thought it would be hard to humble myself and ask for help. It was just a little. What’s been better is feeling the reciprocal nature of growth, when someone that I ask, actually wants to help.

And together, we’re walking along this very fun, exciting, inspiring path of life.

And I’m again learning that when you need help it’s okay. And H-E-L-P is not a four-letter word.

I hope you will join me in spirit!

Hay House Writer’s Workshop April 28-29, Denver, Colorado

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