Book excerpt: Islamic Perspective on Sex

Islamic Perspective on Sex  Рthe book by Dr. Abdul-Rahman AlSheha

I accepted the offer of about eight small books, and rejected offers for another dozen or two. I do want to read the Holy Quran so was very happy to get that as a gift, at today’s “Peace Day” event at school.

But like school girls, that night, I grabbed the “Islamic Perspective on Sex” book and started to read it out loud to my roommate.

The Quran gives a lot more specific guidance on sex that I ever heard about from the bible? So, after reading, I understand the “Islamic Perspective on Sex” to be the following (..and here I needn’t state that no one should take my read on this as fact!):

– Men are directed to engage in foreplay with their wives, and wait until she’s ready before satisfying themselves! (yay!)

– Sex is only permitted between husband and wife (..hmm, too much to begin to comment about this one)

– During intercourse, a man is only allowed to enter the vagina. (…so, no oral or anal?!)

– Masturbation is discouraged (oh no, not another religion that says this!)

The most memorable section though was where it says that the Remembrance of Allah is the only important thing in life. All else in life is futile, with four exceptions:

  • a man’s sporting with his wife (sex),
  • training his horse,
  • target practicing, and
  • learning swimming.

(p. 38)

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