Money, Pizza, and Arabic Numbers

Money, Pizza and Arabic Numbers

No money, no problem. I didn’t think to get money out at the ATM at the airport, so had no US or Saudi money. The malls (where the nearest ATM is) and banks are closed because of the Haj Eid holiday. Before I could panic, the staff at the hotel gave me 100 Riyal (about $30US) to get me going. With that, I ordered a pizza and bought groceries for the next few days. You have to wear an abaya everytime you step out of your hotel room. I decided I’d better cover my head to answer the door to grab the pizza too! Not sure about the details yet. But, the pizza was amazing …mushroom, pepper, tomato. Wonderful

I didn’t realize that Saudi Arabia uses numbers different than US. So, I wasn’t sure what my room number was and couldn’t read the receipt. Uh-oh, better learn the numbers quick. (That’s room 306 on the right.)

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