Movies and Music Aren’t Allowed in Class…but sometimes they slip in

Movies and Music aren’t allowed in class, but sometimes they sneak in…

My classed was uncharacteristically poised and attentive today when I started the audio. Or tried to. It was their Dictation Quiz and we were in exam conditions: phones off, bags stored at the front of the room, nothing on their desks other than a pencil or pen. We were doing the sound check before the actual test started.

I clicked the audio and nothing happened. Tried again and went for plan B. I saw that Media Player was installed, so I decided to try to open the audio file with that. The sound was fine. Unfortunately, Media Player opens with advertisements.

The first ad was for the new Tom Cruise movie, Mission Impossible. Movie theaters are not allowed in Saudi Arabia. And any talk of movies is not allowed in our classes.

I quickly clicked to get rid of it. That ad was replaced by one of Shakira. Nice! Dancing and music are two more topics that are not allowed in our classroom. In Saudi Arabia, dancing and non-Islamic music are not allowed in public.

Well, I was quite embarrassed. Luckily I’ve been with my class daily for over a month now, so we know each other fairly well. I gasped a few times, and we all had a good laugh as they reassured me, “Teacher, it’s okay. It’s okay Teacher,” as if to say, we know it was an accident.

We can’t talk about these ideas in class, but somehow my students already knew who Shakira is, as well as Tom Cruise. Hmm…

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