Poem: 100-Day-Old Teacher

On day 99
The new mommy is rushing about
Shopping, cleaning and cooking
Her baby cries
She starts to feel stressed out
She picks him up
And he cutely smiles at her
And against her plans
She drops what she was doing
And smiles cutely back at him
After he nurses for awhile
He falls asleep
She does too
And this is what he has taught her
For 99 days
Smile cutely
Ask for help
Sleep when you’re tired
So when her family arrives
And his family arrives
the next day
She smiles cutely
And they smile back
She asks for help
And they give it gladly
And when she’s tired
She goes to sleep
How does her teacher feel
Now that he is
100-days old?
He smiles cutely
And everyone smiles back

About the poem:
In Korea, families have a big celebration when their baby turns 100 days old. Moms are often stressed to the max with the responsibility of preparing traditional foods, and preparing invitations and rituals, dealing with many expectations for how to treat family members. It is way way way more strict than anything I’ve seen in US families. Anyhow, none of this can hold a candle to a baby’s smile. Ha! Luckily!

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