October 3, 2013

2013-10-02 Niwot Evening Bike Ride and Sunset (24)

A good day of work is done
And a bicycle awaits me
An hour before sunset
On a clear October evening

The sunset escorts me
The sky is bursting with pinks
And golds and reds
The peaks line up in rows
In dusky blues and greys

From under a blue spruce
A bunny dashes out
And sits motionless on the grass
As if I can’t see her

A bluejay in a tree
Flits from branch to branch
Showing off just how blue
She really is

She hops onto the grass
Then suddenly bunny and bluejay
Are gone

I pedal on up
Past the houses
And up to the elementary school
The best view in town
Is from this playground

The sky is fluffing up
And puffing up
Like the finale of the
Fourth of July show

The layer after layer
Of Rocky Mountains
Ebb and flow with the light
Are waves crashing on the horizon

When the show is over
I head back down
A dark brown squirrel
Dashes across the path
And up a pine tree

A raccoon meanders
Ahead on the concrete path
She pays me no mind
And saunters down the concrete path
She is going
Exactly wherever the path is going

Then perhaps suddenly remembering
She’s a raccoon
She heads into the grass
And disappears
Under the shelter
Of scraggly tree branches and bushes

Now I have the path to myself
I ride downhill
A robin poses on a gate
A hawk darts away

The light is fading
But I am not
I feel light and alive

And I know I’m almost home
When I pass the blue spruce
Where I first saw
A bunny and a bluejay

About the poem:
True story! A nice bike ride tonight after my second day at my new job!

It takes a bit of effort to get ourselves out in nature, and to exercise, but it’s always worth it!

Nature is a Healer is a chapter in my book: Tuning In to Inner Peace, available on Amazon and Kindle.

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