October 6, 2013

The jubilance of
Beer drinking
Loud music
Friends singing
(Or was it shouting)
None of this warmed
The huddled woman
Sleeping on the concrete
Covered head to toe
With a thin blanket
On a chilly night

About the poem:
Have you ever heard of a bicycle bar? You can get together with 15 of your friends and pedal around downtown Denver drinking the on-board keg. It seemed pretty fun, even though it was really cold there last night, on the 16th Street Mall.

But as I walked on, smiling at the scene, I nearly stepped on a homeless woman sleeping on the ground. She was completely covered but was moving around, trying to get warm or comfortable.

The two scenes were completely incongruous. I could not summarize the situation. I left a banana and some bus passes, sent warm thoughts and hurried home. On a chilly night.

We often complain about such little stuff, but forget to be thankful for a warm bed and a fully belly, on a chilly night. And figure out how to be compassionate to those who don’t.

About the Author joangregerson

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