A Few Words

A few words were spoken

A few tears fell

And for a few minutes

A few hearts were one

Joan, April 20, 2013 at Open Wordz, Cafe Radio, Busan
Joan, April 20, 2013 at Open Wordz, Cafe Radio, Busan

About the poem

Last night I had the good fortune to attend a spoken words event and a wedding! In both cases, people took time out of their normal lives to appreciate the miracles in their lives …in the form of people!

This was my second time at the Wordz Only event in Busan. So thankful to have found such a cool community. It’s really something to watch person after person stand up and talk about whatever is in their hearts.

The most touching performance was in English by a Korean speaker who told about her marriage that ended, and how she changed by learning how to meditate. After this change, she was able to come back and have a healthy relationship with her son and husband. Stories of change are inspiring!

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