July 4, 2013


An easy answer
But is it the right answer?

Can’t ignore the truth
Can’t stomach it

It’s a little wrong

About the poem:
I’ve found that my most important ethical choices are often not the big ones, but the multitude of small and medium-sized ones.

I was recently offered a job at an after-school academy in Korea where the students study English ten hours per week in a computer lab on their own, then are with a foreign teacher three more hours per week. The student’s have a grueling schedule, that I think is way too much time for a kid to be sitting after a full day of school. It felt wrong. But the working conditions are quite pleasant for the teachers! The offer was really tempting.

At my current job, I feel good about what I’m teaching and how: songs, art, games in a positive environment, with positive messages. I really wanted to say yes to that job, but I knew I wouldn’t feel good about myself, just a little wrong no matter what. Or maybe, it’s even very wrong. I don’t know.

I love expressions like “stomach it”, because it reminds us that our bodies are conveying the truth, even when our social selves want to ┬ámake things easy, and keep telling us it’s okay.

So, the job search continues. My stomach is just fine with that!


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