It’s not a prison/

Princess waits for you to wake/

See, it’s a palace!/

2012-09-08 Jeju (19)

About the poem

Kids know how the adults that care for them feel. If you are always overwhelmed and trapped by parenting, and pushing your young children away from you, they will feel this. Can you find a way to enjoy your time with your young ones? Play on the floor with your kids. Go to the park together. Read a book in bed. They want that cozy, loved feeling. Like you did as a kid.

The same goes for us teachers, childcare workers, and for us in all of our relationships. Let’s give up that sense of martyrdom and really enjoy our interactions. Our time together is brief and precious!

About the Author:

Joan Gregerson writes because it feels great, and she hopes to share a nugget here and there that she picked up over the last 52 years on earth. Check out her blog, and buy her books on Kindle and Amazon!

About the Author joangregerson

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