Nature! My healer!

You are always there for me…

Aren’t you tired of me?

About the poem:

I feel kinda dense. I never got the idea of “nature is a healer” until a few years ago. But, dude! Daily, in all seasons, the sea, the clouds, the moon, the forest, the river, the birds, the frogs, the flowers, the …okay, you get the point. When I’m feeling a bit off, nature helps me get all centered and in my happy place in a jiffy.

Just looking at the clouds and sun this morning was enough (as you can see)! Just swimming at the beach today was enough! Just seeing the beautiful moon tonight and feeling a warm breeze …it’s enough! It’s more than enough!

Nature is so generous in her healing! I can soak it in, and just keep coming back for more. Or, should I ask someone if it’s okay? Is there a limit? I guess not!

About the author:
Joan Gregerson blogs and writes books about healing and fun (which are basically the same). Books on Amazon and Kindle.

About the Author joangregerson

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