September 4, 2013

2013-09-01 Froggy Time

I stepped
You jumped
But then you waited
Big bulgy eyes
Gazing at me
Your mouth
Not smiling or unsmiling
You looked so perfect
Under that lily
I just had to sit
Near you
Gazing at your
Big bulgy eyes

About the poem:
On Sunday morning, as I drove home from a walk, I stopped at a pond. I saw the lilypads and wanted to see them closer. As I stepped near the water’s edge, this guy leaped into the water, then came up facing back to the shore, under this lilypad, and just kept his eyes on me. And so I sat and hung out for awhile with his (her?) irresistible self, and took this photo.

Leaving time in our day is they key to experiencing random miracles like this. How often can we attend frog guided meditation? Haha

About the author:

Joan Gregerson blogs and writes books about her passion: how to enjoy a more purposeful, fun life. Books available at and Kindle. She is available for radio interviews. More at

About the Author joangregerson

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