Can’t handle the truth?

Is that true?


About the poem:

First, I think people can often handle the truth much better than a pack of lies or more slippery, a convoluted effort to avoid the truth. I’n not saying you should say whatever you think to everyone, but in intimate and work relationships, honesty is respectful and indeed, the best policy.

Second, have you read Byron Katie’s work? ‘ Loving What Is’ is one of my top 10 list of books. She teaches how to use inquiry, e.g. asking yourself, “Is it true?”  It’s a great way to loosen your grip on beliefs that are making you crazy. 

If there’s something you are avoiding saying, and if the reason is that you’re sure the other person can’t handle the truth, start with that question, “Is that true?”

“I don’t know” is often the only right answer. This place of not knowing is often a much gentler starting place.




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