All the emails waiting
For me
Are nothing
Compared to a towering tree

All the facts and figures
I know
Are nothing
Compared to the glistening snow

Proposals, deadlines and reports
That are due
Are nothing
Compared to a sky of blue

About the poem:
In my Sahaja Meditation class I learned that gazing at the sky for a minute was a great way to refresh and reconnect with the peaceful oneness. On these winter days, when it’s bitter cold, I’m not spending much time outdoors. But at lunch, I made a point to get out of the office and get a change of scenery. When I saw this tree, I stopped to gaze at it and immediately felt about 100 times better. Respecting nature as an always-ready healer extraordinaire makes life about 100 times easier. Haha

What tricks do you have for coming back to that calm, centered place in the midst of a busy workday?

About the Author joangregerson

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