2013-06-25 22.18.47

Umbrella dripping

You’d have to get close to see

Crying in the rain


About the poem:

When I’m sad, I’m usually just tired, cranky or ungrateful. But, ask me about crying, on the other hand, and I’m a big fan! haha

For me, crying is releasing, healing and moving through something. And walking in the rain, I don’t even have to cry much because the world is doing it for me. With me. Walking in the rain, I instantly feel better! Whoosh! Letting it go!

After a good cry, then, I can talk to those that I am close with and do it calmly or cry a little more. Either way, I’m on the healing path.

About the Author:
Joan Gregerson lives in Korea teaching English and writing. She will soon be back in her hometown of Denver, Colorado, at least for awhile. Transitions always require letting go, and that’s what’s happening right now.

Joan writes about all this stuff in her books available on Amazon and Kindle.

About the Author joangregerson

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