March 29, 2014

Shoulders, chest, hips
Smooth slides, slips
Bump, bump, bump
Vine, turn, stomp and jump
Single, single, double
Keeps me outa trouble
Party Rock Anthem
All the Single Ladies
And Beat It
Metala, Sacala
Oye Morena
Young and old
Timid and bold
Gather in the gym
To punch it out
Dance it off
Sexy walk with an attitude
Cha cha, hip hop too
Belly dance, bachata
Beyoncé and Beach Boys
Whatever ails me
I just go to Zumba
Don’t be shy
Give it a try
When you’re not quite ‘on’
And dance it off!

About the poem:
I’ve been to Zumba class 6 of the past 7 days. Oh man, it’s just so fun to shake what my mama gave me. The classes are included in my gym membership with the Longmont Recreation Center, just at the good old Memorial Center and the Longmont Recreation Center. These classes are not a place to be perfect. Rather, come to be perfectly happy! Perfectly free to move it! It’s fun to see all different ethnicities, ages and styles out on the gym floor together. A lot of the moves are sexy, but it’s almost all women. Just dancing for fun!
I first learned similar style in African dance. Later, I found out that some of the Energy Healers recommend a jumping, freestyle motion to center yourself. Uh, that’s what I’m talking about! Dance con vigor, conmigo!

About the Author joangregerson

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