May 10, 2013

Time slows down and

I can see myself

Getting shaky

Beginning to turn red

Eyes starting to water

About to lose my head

I’m letting them get to me

I’m making myself crazy

I’m on the verge of losing it

I have half a second

I hit the pause button

Faces in awkward poses

Are frozen in time

We all look very funny now

I breathe deeply


Cool down

What was nearly lost

Is easily found

About the poem:

Are you one of several billion people that still believe that anger has some value? I am not. I think anger is one of the most damaging thing in our lives; it is the one that gouges regrets in our life stories.

Do you have a pause button? Meditation gave me one. I’m not sure how exactly. It’s something about the combination of meditation balancing me so I’m less shaky, and also developing a hypervigilant sensitivity to my state of inner peace so I can adjust and pause when I sense things going downhill.  Oh, I haven’t been able to hit that pause button every time, but nearly so.  At least, I have a pause button now! That’s been a big help in my life.

It’s also true that when we are yelling and throwing things, it’s hard to prove our point that we are the smart, good people in the discussion. The calm one is the peaceful, powerful one in the discussion.

Finally, when we say, ‘I lost it’, consider… what is ‘it’? This ‘it’ is our cool, calm, collected self. It is our inner peace. We can develop our skills so instead of easily losing it,  we can snap back to that peaceful state just as easily.

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