November 12, 2013

2013-11-09 Boulder Farmers Market (11)

The tomatoes are all gone
The peppers are now done
The eggplant has turned to mush
Now, it’s apples and radish.
Beets and carrots
Pumpkin and turnips
And squash
Spaghetti and butternut
Delicata and buttercup
The end of the season
Recipes are the reason
I am awash
With warm and sumptuous daydreams
Of squash
Haunted only
By the questions:
Onions or maple syrup?
Cinnamon or curry?
Olive oil? parmesan?
And what type of

2013-11-09 Boulder Farmers Market (10)

About the poem:
I thought it might be depressing at the Farmer’s Market, seeing the variety dwindle. Instead, the palette of colors seemed to fit the autumn backdrop perfectly. And the combinations of what the farmers are now offering is inspiring new combinations every day. Today I put garbanzo beans and cooked squash chunks on my spinach salad, with a homemade Italian dressing. Gorgeous and delicious. I bought a box of squash and pumpkin, which should keep for awhile tucked in a colder spot, sitting on the basement floor. So excited, thinking about more variations of soups and whatnot. I’m sure I’ll run out of squash before I run out of combinations to try!

How about you? What are you cooking these days? What’s seasonal and fresh in your world?

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