Poem: Ferry Me


The ship accepts my gasping dream
Ten hours at sea
Ferry me

The breeze greets my broken heart
Sea air delivery
Ferry me

The night sky meets my weary eyes
Timeless and forgiving
Ferry me

About the poem:
I rode the overnight ferry from Samcheonpo to Jeju-do, here in South Korea. Nature is a healer, again and again.  This time, aboard the ferry, I had the chance to lay down on a bench and just watch the night sky. It was a clear, starry night …unusual for this part of the world where rain, mist and high humidity often obscure the view. And being out away from the city lights, the stars were magnificent. On my way to meet a friend, feeling the summer breeze and being absorbed into the sky, I was ferried powerfully to where I want to be. Feeling at peace, and happy, and at one with all.

Even when we were getting ready to board, it was refreshing to be with others, all of us having busted out of our daily rituals to make the voyage. The trip began at 10:30 pm Friday night. And with a bed on board, after time watching the night sky, I slept and woke up at my destination at 7 am on Saturday morning! Woohoo! The trip was better than I’d hoped!

About the author:
Joan Gregerson blogs and writes books, hoping to ferry you to a peaceful, joyful life. If you haven’t figured out a way to get there, feel free to try the tips she has accumulated and shares. Books on Amazon and Kindle!

About the Author: joangregerson

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