boom crack pop pop boom

hostage to these books, this room

fireworks unseen

About the poem:

Friday night at  8 pm, we are sitting in a classroom together. My middle-school student is filling in the blanks of a worksheet for a pop song. We can hear the fireworks going off, from the province-wide sports festival one block away. I would love to run out of the school with her and go watch the fireworks. She does not look up, but maintains her focus on the task at hand and completes it perfectly.

How many times are there opportunities for awe and wonder, but we miss them because we are too busy, heads down accomplishing our to-do list?

About the author:

Joan is a big fan of play, which makes her awkward often in Korea, a very hard-working society. Joan has taken a few years off to do almost nothing. It is these experiences that spice her blog and books. Writing makes her really happy, so this writing a poem a day for April National Poetry Writing Month is heaven.

About the Author joangregerson

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