2013-09-25 Sugarlicious
How can I get
Out of my mind
These foods that bind
How can I get
Out of my body
These foods that rob me blind
I have won the battle
I have overcome
Every time
With the help
Of someone

About the poem:
I have now completed six days of the Dr. Cropley Seven Day Juice Fast. Actually, in the program you only need to do three days of juice only, but I have done six. So, I’m feeling very good. And because I love juice and this new alkaline broth recipe I learned, it’s been painless other than a few minutes of indecision in the grocery store!
But the big news is that I have been off coffee, dairy, and sugar for this entire time. In preparation for the fast, Dr. Cropley warns that it probably isn’t a good idea to binge on all the forbidden foods prior to the fast. Instead, he recommended trying to wean yourself off ‘the foods that bind’: sugar, caffeine, dairy and processed foods.
That phrase really hit me. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the occasional pastries, the drive-thru happy meal (don’t judge!) have/had? a power over me.
Unhealthy foods do bind us.
Twice prior I found myself 30 pounds overweight and each time it was enrolling in a program that helped me. This time, I realized I was about ready for new jeans. And when it comes to jeans, upsizing is not that great! And I was starting to have some back strain. And I realized, it’s time to ask for help.
And voila! It works. Asking for help. Submitting yourself to someone else’s system and conceding that yours isn’t working are all empowering.

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