All that time you were suspicious of my love
You finally admitted it!

You thought from one hug
You’d get a communicable disease

By taking one bite
You’d be over your calories

By spending an hour
You’d be charged hidden fees

You thought that by sharing a secret
You’d implode
That by sitting next to me
You’d explode

You kept running away
Hiding away
Pushing away

Until finally you were just too tired

You stopped struggling
Now you’re snuggling
Into love

Now, we can talk about
Sex, love and jokes
Our jobs and our folks


You can handle it
You don’t fall apart
You get stronger
(Not weaker
Like you did at the start)


Just like today
I smile when you say,

“Have I got a story to tell you!”
And I say, “And I’ve got one for you!”
“p.s. I love you”
“Yep, I love you too”


About the poem:

Have you ever wondered if a man and woman could actually be friends? The answer is yes. Yes, indeedy. Taking on brother-sister roles helps keep it clean, and oh so powerful, once everyone agrees there is no reason to run.

About the Author joangregerson

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