September 24, 2013


2013-09-22 Feathery Gentle


As you start your day
May my words
Soften your way

May my words be so sweet
Like a tickle to your feet
Bringing out a forgotten laugh

And may we remember
How to be gentle
With each other
Every time we meet

About the poem:
When we are dealing with our friends and family, too often we use our harshest words, our most abrasive tone. I never understood this. Why spew venom in our own homes?

A simple way to determine if we are on track or not, is Are our words gentle? If you look back through your life, you’ll see that when they were not, the intended effect rarely happened.

Being gentle doesn’t mean being a wuss and ignoring reality. It means saying a little less than comes to mind, waiting a little longer, finding the right time, and a better way to discuss difficult subjects.

I took this photo a few days ago. I love how these puffy grasses blow in the wind, drifting to and fro, gently.


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