August 9, 2013

2013-08-08 Evergreen Lake Paddleboarding (16)


On a calm lake
Easy peezy

About the poem:

This morning, we went paddleboarding on Evergreen Lake. Paddleboarding is simply standing on a board (that looks like a surfboard), holding a canoe paddle, and you guessed it, paddling! So fun and refreshing! I had never done it before, but since the water was calm, it was so easy.

This ease is the same as that I feel when communicating with those friends and family members where my relationship is just easy, peezy. Gliding.

I went through much of my life creating chaos: stormy, choppy times. The calm moments felt strangely uncomfortable. Now, I’m better able to just enjoy the calm, and proactively maintain that calm feeling. Gliding. Ah, nice!

About the author:
Joan Gregerson writes about the power of ‘calm’! Wanna get some calm? Follow her blog, and buy her books on Kindle and Amazon



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