April 2, 2013

In winter, I put on layer over layer before I ventured out.

I hunched my shoulders up and tucked my face down

I stopped on my way to wipe my running nose

I fumbled in my purse for a tube of gloss

To coat my cracking lips.

You greeted me

With a mug of hot water

I needed a hand warmer

And I needed someone

I thought that someone was you

I was wrong

I braced myself against the winter wind

I made my way home

Standing inside my doorway

Tears streamed down my cheeks


But now it’s spring

And I feel springy

Months have passed

And I have found someone and someone else, and someone else

The heaviness of the winter

Became cherry blossom petals

That flitted and danced away lightly

It’s spring

And I don’t need a thing

It’s spring

And just stepping outside

All the world plays with me

And spring is in my every step

And I feel gorgeous

All the elements of spring have conspired for my glamour shot

The sun provides just the perfect lighting

The wind whisps my hair just right

The cherry blossoms show off the color in my cheeks

I’m gorgeous

When you saw me, you said it too

But I already knew

Days later, I stop by to say hi, let’s go for a walk!

I hop off my bicycle, but you’re not there

I don’t care

I go alone

I walk up the staircase, lined with cherry trees in full bloom

I sit on the granite steps

The petals frollick around me

I close my eyes

I feel safe under the canopy above me

I would love it if you were sitting next to me

But you’re not

So, I hope that you too feel gorgeous

That spring has sprung in your day, and in your heart

But, even if you were sitting right here,

I could not feel any better than I do right now

It’s spring

And I don’t need a thing

Gorgeous in spring 2013-04-03

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