Poem: Secrets Hold Back the Healing Waters for Awhile

Hold back
The healing waters
For awhile

The healing waters

The truth always
Finds a way out
Spills out
Slips out
Drips out

Your tears
Eek out
Sneak out
Leak out
Speak out

Let the healing waters
Wash away the past

Let the healing waters

Let the healing waters
Fill you up

You are not weak
It’s not about the leak
It’s about you becoming the
Reservoir of healing
We seek

2012-09-27 UnHungSa (15)

About the poem:

We are not alone in our challenges and imperfections. We are only as sick as our secrets. Healing awaits us when we are brave enough to be honest, forgive ourselves and others and be grateful for our blessings.

I found that one of the greatest benefits of attending a 12-step program was moving past shame. Hearing other people’s stories made me realize that what happens to people is a shared experience. We can learn from each other how to grow through it and how to heal.

About the Author: Joan Gregerson

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