May 8, 2013
Is today heaven or hell? I decide
Is today heaven or hell? I decide

Hell and No

Do I love you enough

To let you go?

Heaven and Yes.

Or Hell and No.

About the poem

Big love is freedom and heavenly. When I can do it, life is easy.

When I can’t, I create a feeling of struggle for myself and usually someone else. It’s that feeling of struggle that is my notice to pause and adjust. I start by asking myself, “Is my thinking stirring up problems, where none exist?”

This letting go can be accepting an “I need my space” break, a break up, or adjusting to a move or death.

When I can take a light, amused look at my day, that ‘ Hell, no!’ stubbornness softens into ‘Yes!’, and miracles tumble playfully into my life.


About the author

Joan writes books and blogs about how tuning in to inner peace can help you have a heck of a lot more fun in life. Books available on Amazon and Kindle!

About the Author joangregerson

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