Poem: How Do I Look? …a question best asked by a mirror to you

2013-08-10 Blues and Brews Fest (11)
How do I look?
The mirror asks
And you answer
By softening the worry lines in your forehead
By replacing the critical look with a peaceful gaze
By allowing the storm of your thoughts
To pass on by
How do I look?
The mirror asks
And you answer
By noticing that your shoulders were hunched
By feeling the tightness in your neck
So you wriggle and adjust
Straighten up
Perfect posture
Allowing confidence
In the flow
How do I look?
The mirror asks
And you answer
I am peaceful
I am beautiful
And ready to meet the world

About the poem:
In my personal experience, I found that Korean and American women tend to have very low self-esteem. On the other hand, Saudi and Ghanaian women have high self-esteem, especially about their appearance. I didn’t realize how exhausting it had been to consider myself less than beautiful, and how pointless this approach proved to be for the first 40 years of my life.
You ain’t foolin anyone if you don’t feel good about the way you look. Feeling good about your reflection is a tiny meditation in itself. It is an exercise in acceptance and presence; an opportunity to notice that you are alive, and that your worries are detracting from the beauty that is you on this day. It’s easy to adjust, your body and your thinking to be able to answer the question, How do I look? Just don’t make the mistake of asking someone else to tell you if you are beautiful. Your job is simply to be peaceful, and thus beautiful.

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