March 24, 2014

2013-06-11 Bibimbap with Jinsoo (2)

So many days
You popped into my world
With a wave and a smile
So many days
I dropped in to yours
To sit and chat for awhile

Now here I am
And there you are
And I just got your note
We’re in the same boat!

Oh how I miss you
I wish I could be there
I miss you like the water
I miss you like the air

How much do I miss you?
How much do I care?
Manhi Manhi
Manhi Manhi
I miss you like you miss me
And so my friend, you know
And so my friend, I know
Manhi Manhi

About the poem:
I got a text message yesterday from friends in Korea:
보고 싶어요               많이       많이                보고 싶어요
“Bogoshipeoyo,       Manhi,    Manhi,          Bogoshipeoyo”
(I/We) miss you       so much, so much      (I/We) miss you

I have been thinking of the many times hanging out with my Korean friends. Especially at night! Longmont closes early. Korea runs late. Coffee shops sometimes don’t open until 10am or later, but stay open until 1 am. Bakeries too, stay open until midnight. So, as a night owl, I loved roaming around Samcheonpo, visiting my friends.

When I got the message, we miss you. I did not have to argue or be surprised, because I feel the same, Manhi Manhi Bogoshipeoyo!

Though we don’t see someone for a long time, when we spend a lot of time together chatting, eating and drinking, we remember each other fondly. That may fade but it doesn’t go away. The love between friends goes on. Ahhh



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