March 18, 2014

2014-02-05 Niwot Snowy Day (3)
I could be happy
If I had running water
I could be happy
If I had heat
I could be happy
If I had a daughter
I’d be happy
If I had meat
I could be happy
If I had the perfect house
With a separate room
For every kid
I could be happy
If I had a picket fence
And once I did
I could be happy

About the poem:
I used to think that if only I had that house or that <whatever>, I could be happy. Over time, I met people in those houses and with those whatevers, and they seemed to have problems too. What are you waiting for? Could you be happy? Now, for example?
By the way, this is a supercute house in Niwot, Colorado. It makes me happy just seeing it!

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