Poem: I Love my Life

2013-09-22 Bicycle Ride at Cheesman Park Sunday (23)

I love my job
I love my home
I love being with friends
I love being alone
I love buying what I want
I love making do
I love finding something old
I love trying something new
I love my family
I love my life
And if I had one
I’d probably love my wife!

About the poem:
i’m not announcing anything here other than that I love my life (and anything that rhymes with ‘life’). It just feels nice to be content. I’m not waiting for more money, a fancier car, or a boyfriend with big pockets to allow me to love my life. I already love my life.

How about you?

I took this picture last month, on a bicycle ride on the b-cycle in Denver, Cheesman Park. It’s the ability to enjoy life’s little luxuries like a bike ride that make me appreciate my life. (p.s. doesn’t it look like there’s a little man growing out of my head? I really hope that it’s not, and that instead it’s a bicycle rider passing in the distance!)

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