July 6, 2014

Morning music
Birds rapping
Flip flops flapping
Wake up sweating
These are the days
I dreamed about
All winter
I love summer
Trees packed to the gills with leaves and fruit
Gardens bursting and heavy
Green so fat it obscures my view
I love summer
Sip a tall glass of water
With ice
And a slice of lemon
Pick out a big watermelon
Slice it in half
Eat it with a spoon
Finish it off by noon
I love summer
The sun is the king
The king is the sun
Afternoon so hot
No getting something done
Just sleep somewhere cool
Sit by the pool
No need for a plan
Just let the sun make me tan
Head for the hills
Or jump in a lake
Lay down in the park
Wait for dark
At night
The day starts anew
Now anything
I can do
Ride my bike in the dark
Stroll in the park
Cook and clean
Jump on the trampoline
Go dancing
Go camping
Write a book
Write a song
Stay up late
Flop in bed
Feeling strong
I love summer

About the poem:
This past winter was hard for me. My body wasn’t really up on the whole -5F living so it took some effort to manage. But now, when it’s up to 90F and all I gotta do is sweat, scale back my to do list, and spend more time by the pool, I can handle that! I love summer! How about you?

About the Author joangregerson

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