March 29, 2014

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I remember you
I remember playing jacks with you on the kitchen floor
I remember playing hide-and-seek with all our sisters and brothers
I remember how you took care of me when I was little
And I remember babysitting you
I remember how we made body prints on the concrete of the swimming pool
I remember how you wore a bikini even though mom forbade it
I remember how you taught us to do freestyle with perfect form
I remember sitting on the porch, hearing the sound of Trinidad and Tabago in your voice
I remember the first time you held my hand
I remember our first kiss
I remember riding bikes with you at midnight through City Park
I remember seeing your hair sticking up, your body hitting air for the first time
I remember sitting with you, learning to say, “Venga papi” to your little boy
I remember the smell of the bread you baked, just out of the oven when the bus arrived
I remember hiking for hours and the stories you told
I remember sleeping in the tent with you
I remember jumping on the trampoline together
I remember that walk we took on the pier
I remember the sound of the frogs as we walked to the beach
I remember your smell as if I am still curled up next to you right now
I remember that “Oh, really?” skeptical smile of yours
I remember how we carried mattresses on our heads and stuffed them into the taxi
I remember visiting your frail grandma and your many aunties
I remember how you took the time to get to know me
I remember how you invited me to come with you
I remember how you offered me something to eat
I remember how you gave me something to drink
I remember how we danced together
I remember how you taught me that song
I remember how you saw my nervousness and cracked a joke
I remember when you taught me how to field a grounder
I remember how we sat at your kitchen table for hours
I remember how you picked up the tab
I remember how you accepted my invitation
I remember sleeping over at your house
I remember you crashing at mine
I remember staying late at the office with you
Completing the impossible just in time
I remember when you taught me to wrap my hijab
I remember when you showed me how to make kimbab
I remember playing games and running around the classroom with you
I remember painting cherry blossoms with you
I remember how I hurt you
I remember that you forgave me
I remember how you saw me
I remember how you loved me
I remember how you were there when I cried
I remember you so many times before you died
I remember you so many times before I left
I remember you so many times before you left
I remember you
All of you
I remember you
Don’t forget it
I remember you

About the poem:
I have so many amazing memories with special people around the world. Whether we were close for a few hours in an airport, during childhood, in another country or at home, I feel blessed with the many memories I have of so many people. Though I don’t see you, and may never see you again, don’t worry, I remember you.

About the Author joangregerson

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