July 25, 2013

2013-03-10 10.33.57

I saw Goodbye coming
From our first Hello
I felt how it would be to leave you
Right then, I felt it from head to toe
Which is why it was so easy
To love you so deeply
Though not always so well, no
I saw Goodbye coming
Now Goodbye says Hello
Hello, Goodbye
Goodbye, Hello

About the poem:

I’ve actually become a little bit of a nut. I feel the preciousness of interactions so deeply sometimes, I just want to savor it all. When I am in balance and not rushed, I can hear the clock of time ticking and feel each moment as a precious gift. This helps me not take things for granted.

Especially traveling a lot and teaching international students, I am well aware that love usually includes Goodbye. Which I why, I prefer to love deeply, quickly or miss out completely!


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