November 12, 2013

2013-11-10 Boulder Creek Ducks and River (28)

I stand before you
I adore you
I thought that would be enough

About the poem:

I love this little piece. It embodies so much of the puzzling feeling we have as we try to negotiate the details of day to day life, with those we love. It does require some mad skill to maintain a loving relationship. Those are the most important skills we can research and learn about, and teach those around us.

Tonight, after doing a short workout, I got home around 7 pm. Should I stay home or go check out the poetry night at The Laughing Goat? (A cool hangout in Boulder, Colorado)┬áStay, go, stay, go…finally, I decided to go! And I’m so glad I did. I got to choose my spot in the line-up and I went as number 2! I introduced myself with Mama Africa, then did this short poem (both are from my poetry book With Open Arms), then ended with two poems I wrote this week: Peace is Okay and After the Bell. It was lovely to be immersed in poetry: mine and so many others’!

This photo is from yesterday’s visit to Boulder Creek, where I paused for a bit before heading into the library. The ducks were so entertaining!


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