This weekend my nephew Ben and my good friend Danny are getting married, but I will not be in Florida or Ontario for these weddings. So, from afar, I’m sending my wishes to them.  And to all of us in our intimate relationships, here’s hoping that we will find those important five minutes, here and there, every day…


Today, I’m asking you to share your life with me
But I really just want five minutes
When the alarm clock rings, I want five minutes
To remember
That you chose me
And I chose you
I want to rest my arm on you
And listen to you breathing next to me

And when I call you at lunchtime
I want five minutes
To hear your voice
To hear your laugh
For you to hear mine

And when we meet at the end of the day
I want five minutes
Without worry or complaint
Just a hug
And maybe a mug, of tea

And when we turn off the light
I want to notice
That we are side by side
That we are already here
That you chose me
And I chose you
I want five minutes
Or sometimes more

About the poem:
I wrote this poem in response to a request from my friend in Korea. I was honored to deliver the poem at the wedding in May 2013, translated into Korean by the MC. Here I am just before the wedding, with another friend of ours, getting our photos taken with the bride!

2013-05-25 Wedding 1381236052109

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