January 27, 2014

2011-06-20 Dongmun Market 021
I don’t care if your a Scorpio
Or if you know I’m a Libra
I don’t care if you’re a carnivore
herbivore or omnivore
I brought you to this secret space
So now that we’re behind closed doors
I’ll show you my addiction
If you show me yours
Are you addicted to cigarettes,
Vodka or beer?
Am I addicted to junk food,
People-pleasing or fear?
Is Mom’s mostly chaos,
clutter and anger?
Are Dad’s basically
Procrastination and danger?
Maybe we could help each other
If we could talk it out
Maybe our tips and tricks
Could give us a way out
There are no winners or losers
There are no judges scores
I’ll show you my addiction
If you show me yours

About the poem:
Isn’t it odd that the very things that dog us the most are the topics we are least likely to talk about? I continue to learn little tricks from others that have an area under control, that I don’t. Just walking into a home, that is clean and cluttered is inspiration for starters. But asking about and learning how the person thinks and does it can set a new pattern.
And if all addictions are a kind of self-sabotage, than it is figuring out how to not be in a fight with ourselves that we all need to learn. It’s not so much that we don’t have weaknesses, as how we have learned to manage them. Sharing our strength, hope and experience (as they say in the 12-step programs) is one way to help each other grow out of these initial conditions, rather than wallowing there year after year.
Finally, I know that some people are sensitive to being called addicts. I think a better route would be for all of us to accept that we are addicts, and talk about it.
This photo was taken on Jeju Island at Dongmun Market. The pancake-looking thing is filled with something like brown sugar that melts when it is cooked. I’d recommend not trying to eat this on a crowded bus, even though it smells really good. Just saying, I won’t do that a second time. 🙂

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